Judge Ihsan Barakat, the First Woman to be Appointed as a Supreme Court Judge in Jordan.

18 Sep 2017
First women judge, Jordan feminist movement, gender equality, Women in positions of power

Euromed Feminist Initiative would like to congratulate judge Ihsan Barakat for becoming the first-ever woman to be appointed as a Supreme Court judge in Jordan.

On September 14, the Judicial Council issued a decision in which Mrs. Ihsan Barakat, judge at the Amman Court of Appeal has been appointed as a judge in the Kingdom’s Supreme Court, making her the first woman in Jordan to reach the highest position in the judiciary.

Barakat held several positions as Judicial Inspector, an Appeal Judge, first woman in Jordan to serve as Amman's attorney general, the first woman to chair the West Amman Court and a president for the Legal Network for Arab Women, which is a regional non-governmental and non-profit organization that supports Arab women working in legal professions.

At Euromed Feminist Initiative we believe in the importance of women’s presence in decision-making arenas and the co-decision making procedures and we hope that this achievement would enhance the gender equality status in Jordan.