Lobby and Advocacy, Promoting Culture of Dialogue

The fierce competition, profit seeking and increasing militarization nowadays in the global neoliberal system and the current events throughout the world demonstrate the need for the international community to work on the enhancement of the culture of dialogue in order to achieve equal participation of all human beings, women and men. In a context of increasing cultural relativism, especially on the expenses of women’s rights, it is important to resist and lobby, advocate and exercise...

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Networking and Building Alliances

Networking and building of partnerships and alliances is a powerful way to strengthen our discourse and voice and create a balance of power in favor of women. Common involvement of networking from different countries provides opportunities to unite for joint action and to raise our voice at an international level. IFE-EFI works for providing linkages with other women’s rights lobby and advocacy NGOs, women’s grassroots NGOs, women activists, community leaders, institutional actors, female politicians...

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Raising Awareness and Empowerment

The patriarchal culture has kept women in subordinate positions in all the spheres of life, from political decision making spheres to family circles. Empowering women and raising awareness of women and men on women’s rights contributes to limiting the power of gender stereotypes that prevent women to participate fully in the social, professional and public life and deprives them from their full citizenship. Marginalization, violence and discrimination committed...

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Research and Strengthening the Link Between Practice and Theory

Bridging theory and practice, implementing the theoretical principles and concepts and putting them in action is a gigantic step towards the efficiency of activist involvement. Connection and collaboration between activists working on the ground and researchers has an effective impact on the expansion of knowledge and the enhancement of minds, thoughts and concepts. However, theory does not only come from universities...

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