8th March 2017 - Another Year

Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI celebrates the 8th of March as an international day for peace, freedom, sustainable development and social justice and denounces all forms of violence and discrimination women face daily: deprivation of their basic human rights to resources, education, health, responsibilities, full citizenship, to a life without violence and control their own bodies and destinies. Today killings and arrests are perpetrated by destructive regimes and occupation , silencing the voice of rights defenders under the false pretence of the fight against terrorism.

Women are the first victims of ultra conservative political and religious violations of the rights of peoples to freedom, justice and peace.

Women are the first concerned by the militarization of conflicts and the increasing of military budgets, arm trade and the scale up the rhetoric of militarism at the expenses of peoples’ lives and rights.

Women’s right to independent organising is the first to suffer with the shrinking of the space of the civil society by repressive regimes and occupation forces, but also by institutions which take their space or deprive them from resources.

Euromed Feminist Initiative continues to work for and demands:

  • The implementation of the international and regional women’s rights instruments, notably CEDAW, Bejing Platform of Action, UNSCR 1325, the Istanbul Convention, in order to promote women’s rights as universal human rights.
  • The urgent search for political solutions to conflicts and transitions towards democracy, freedom, human dignity and social justice in the region.
  • The recognition and the free action and role of an independent civil society.
  • The promotion of equality between women and men as a top priority on all political agendas as a crucial means to face fundamentalism and ultra conservative trends.
  • The respect of the basic rights of migrants and refugees and the implementation by the States of the 1951 international convention.
  • The end of occupation, the recognition of and independent and sovereign State of Palestine in the 1967 borders and the right of the Palestinians to return to their home land as a precondition for regional sustainable peace.
  • The recognition in the EU Neighbourhood policies of the structural link between women’s rights, political reform and development with commitment to CEDAW and other international and regional women’s rights instruments.

Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI is strongly engaged in the promotion of women’s rights and in the struggle for the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls in the whole Euro-Mediterranean region. IFE-EFI’s action revolves around the 4 priorities of the Gender Regional Platform developed during the one-year national and regional dialogue process: Ending discrimination against women and strengthening women’s role and participation in public life; Reforming education and challenging gender stereotypes; Ending violence against women, wars and occupation and initiating a regional peace process; Ensuring freedom and independence of civil society and support for women’s rights organizations.

Click here to download the Gender Regional Platform in English and here to download it in Arabic.