Women's rights in Croatia under the threat after parliamentary elections in November 2015
31 Dec 2015
Women’s Network of Croatia
Croatia held its Parliamentary elections on 8 November 2015. The result of the elections for the National Parliament was almost equal for Social Democrats Coalition and so called Patriotic Coalition lead by ... More >
At the initiative of the French Human Rights League, Common petition of French Human Rights Organizations after the recent measures adopted by the Government, 29th of December 2015 in Paris
29 Dec 2015
Petition « For us it’s definitely no ! »
So, the president of the French Republic has decided to change the Constitution in the worse possible  sense. More >

Workshop "Syrian Women Today", 12 - 13 December 2015 Beirut   14 Dec 2015

Musawa (Women's Studies Center) in partnership with the Euromed Feminist Initiative organized a two-day training workshop in Beirut. Over 30 women from Lebanese refugee camps participated and discussed several topics relevant to women's rights including transitional justice, civil rights and political participation of women. More >

Saudi Arabian women vote for the first time 
13 Dec 2015

History was made this year when Saudi women were allowed to both vote and run as candidates for the first time in municipal elections, which took place in Dec 2015. Even though the scope of authority of municipal councils is limited, this is still a significant breakthrough in Saudi women’s rights as it's the only government body to which citizens can elect representatives. More >


Advocacy training "Promoting a Gender Sensitive Constitution", 2nd - 5th Dec 2015, Beirut                                                                        6 Dec 2015

Euromed Feminisit Initiative, IFE-EFI, organized a two-day advocacy training for two groups of 15-20 Syrian lawyers from December 2nd to December 5th 2015. Titled “Promoting a gender-sensitive constitution” the training was held in Beirut and was given by law professor and constitution expert Ms. Souhir Fourati. More >

Training workshop on the Universal Periodic Review of human rughts in Syria, 26th - 28th November 2015 in Istanbul 
29 Nov 2015
The Syrian Feminist Lobby invited a number of civil society organizations in cooperation with Euromed Feminist Initiative (IFE-EFI) to participate in a training workshop in Istanbul on the Universal Periodic Review of human rights in Syria, as Syria is about to present the second round of the UPR in 2016. More >
The Second Youth Conference, 23rd - 25th November 2015 in Beirut
26 Nov 2015
The second youth conference took place between 23 and 25 of November 2015 in Beirut as part of IFE-EFI’s work on strengthening and empowering the role of youth in the civil society. More >
Training Workshop: "Public Speaking", 24th - 25th October 2015 in Beirut
26 Oct 2015
The Coalition of Syrian Women for Democracy (CSWD) and Euromed Feminist Initiative (EFI-IFE) organized a training workshop “Media & Public Speaking skills” on presentation skills and handling the Media for Syrian civil society activists. More >
Training Workshop: "Women's Political Participationin Syria", 18th - 19th October 2015, Hotel Nippon Taksim in Istanbul
20 Oct 2015
The two-day training “Women’s Political Participation in Syria” organized by the Syrian Feminist Lobby SFL in partnership with Euromed Feminist Initiative took place on the 18th - 19th of October 2015 in Istanbul. More >
Women in Protracted Crises: Syria realities and the Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises (CFS FFA)
8 Oct 2015
The side event “Women in Protracted Crises: Syrian realities and the Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises (CFS FFA)”... More >
20 Aug 2015
Last week Silopi, a city close to the Iraqi and Syrian borders of Turkey, was placed under siege by the Turkish military. Many civilians were wounded and killed with no accountability whatsoever, neighbourhoods were set on fire by the police and military. More >
Euromed Feminist Initiative discuss cooperation with Ombudsman Office for Gender Equality, Croatia
28 Jul 2015
During the work trip to Croatia, Boriana Jonsson and Lilian Halls visited the Office of Ombudsman for Gender Equality on 27 July 2015. They were received by the Deputy Ombudsman, Mr. Goran Selanec and Media Adviser Mrs. Nevenka Sudar. More >
Euromed Feminist Initiative discuss cooperation with Governmental Office for Gender Equality, Croatia
28 Jul 2015
Lilian Halls-French, Co-President and Boriana Jonsson, Executive Director of Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI visited the Office for Gender Equality of the Government of Croatia and held a meeting with M.Sc. Helena Stimac Radin, Director of the Office on 27 July 2015. More >
IFE-EFI Joining the Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions Movements
12 Jul 2015
Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI held its Board meeting on 26th – 27th May 2015 in Brussels, gathering Board members from 20 countries from the two shores of the Mediterranean. More >
Urgent appeal for donations to Kobane
2 Jul 2015
The Kurdish Red Crescent launches urgent appeal for donations to help the people of Kobane victim of the massacres committed by the organization Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in the last two days. More >
The Meeting of Task Force 1325 on Implementation of National Action plan for UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security
26 May 2015
On 24th May 2015 the Iraqi Task Force for the implementation of NAP1325 held its working session in the Iraqi parliament. The session was supported and opened by the Speaker of the Parliament, Dr. Salim Al-Jubouri, who is the Honorary Chair of the Task Force. More >
One Year After
24 May 2015
The support of the Euromed Feminist Initiative towards the implementation of the Iraqi National Action Plan (NAP) on the UNSCR1325 continues.The meeting of the Iraqi Task Force NAP 1325 will take place on 24th May 2015 at The National Parliament, Baghdad. It will be opned by the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Saleem Algburi – Download Agenda.
Call for Urgent Help Nepal
17 May 2015
Our colleague Bandana Rana, Executive Chair of Saathi Organization, who contributed with IFE-EFI to supporting the development of NAP 1325 in Irak asks for urgent help! More >
On 1st of May
1 May 2015
On this day, 1st of May, we celebrate the work force and the labour movements, to remind ourselves of their importance in changing the working conditions around the world. It is a day of solidarity, a day to recognise the struggles for workers internationally. More>
Our Beloved Friend Afaf Marie Passed Away
26 Apr 2015
Afaf Marie, member of the Executive Committee of Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI passed away. She was with us in Paris a couple of weeks ago for our executive committee meeting and she told us that she would have a new surgery. More >
We Can No Longer Allow the Deaths of those Seeking Refuge
25 Apr 2015
Following the deaths of several hundred migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, we must awaken to challenges we face as a global community in times of incessant war and systems of oppression and inequality. More >
The Will to Win Democracy by Peaceful Means
13 Apr 2015
Engaging in a process for democracy, citizenship and constitution building, including the values of women’s rights and gender equality, in the present context in Syria might seem a matter of low priority. But have human rights, and in particular women’s rights, ever been a priority in conflicts? Read the whole article on http://www.swemfa.se/2015/04/13/the-will-to-win-democracy-by-peaceful-means/#article
Enlarging IFE-EFI from the two shores of the Middle East
9 Apr 2015
Following the Board meeting of European Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI, the Board of IFE-EFI and MENA partners coming from 16 countries, held a common meeting on 9th of April 2014 at the European Parliament and formally agreed on the enlargement of the European Feminist Initiative into the Euro-Med Feminist Initiative (IFE-EFI). Download the statement.
One Year of NAP 1325 in Iraq
18 Mar 2015
In April 2014, Iraq became the first country in the MENA region to have adopted a National Action Plan (NAP) on the implementation of United Nation Security Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. More >
15 Mar 2015
The Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI held a side event at the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in Church Center at UN Plaza in New York City on March 14, 2015. More >
International Women's Day
8 Mar 2015
All along the year we are fighting violence, oppression, exclusion and discrimination against women. For  peace, democracy and social justice: Oppression of women can’t be dissociated from any other form of oppression. More >
International Roundtable Discussion
10 Feb 2015
The international roundtable Citizenship, Gender and Democracy Building took place on the 9-10th of February 2015 at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, More >
CESI Reports
23 Jan 2015
Croatia-based Center for Education, Counseling and Research (CESI), feminist organization, recently published two reports: „Grey Area: Abortion Issue in Croatia“ and “Neo-Conservative Threats to Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights in the European Union”. More >
New Social Movements
20 Jan 2015
Lilian Halls-French, Co-President of the Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI, debates feminism, women’s rights, and democracy at the colloquium "New social Movements, political parties and trade unions: A new deal“ organized by Gabriel Péri Foundation on 6 and 7 of February at Université Paris 8, 2 rue de La Liberté Saint-Denis. More >
In Memory of
9 Jan 2015
Two years ago, on 9th January 2013, the three Kurdish activists: Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez were brutally murdered in the French capital Paris. More >