About Us

European Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI was founded in 2003 as a feminist network and formally enlarged to Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI during its General Assembly on 5th Dec 2014. It encompasses women’s rights organizations from the two shores of the Mediterranean and from Caucasus. As a policy network, Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI advocates for gender equality and women’s rights as full part of democracy and citizenship, for the right of people to self-determination, against militarism, war and occupation. Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI seeks to improve and promote women’s rights as universal human rights, the value of gender equality and the use of non-violent means to solve conflicts. Our criterion and position aligns with the international resolutions and conventions and regional instruments promoting the universality of women’s rights and strengthening women's impact and voices in conflict resolution.
Our vision is an egalitarian and demilitarized world where respect of human rights of women and men is a leading value and practice and the principle of non-discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, class, ethnicity and disabilities, is social rule and life.
Our mission is to contribute to challenging the present gender power structures in order to correct the gender power misbalance through fighting discrimination and oppression of women and bringing about positive changes for the whole society. IFE-EFI acts to strengthen women’s self-organizing, voices, actions and power by supporting and creating safe spaces for exchange across the different socio-political borders and building common analyses, in the respect of the different contexts. IFE-EFI strives to develop a cross-cultural feminist and women’s rights discourse based on the universality of women’s rights and seek to integrate it into the different democratic and social movements and policy making. 
  • Providing feminist alternatives to a world dominated by patriarchal structures, military, neo- liberal, neo-colonial and religion based systems.
  • Strengthening feminist movements according to own organizational forms and models and contributing to a broader feminist intervention in political, social and economic life.
  • Ending the marginalization of feminist critique and analyses and creating spaces for common action with the different components of the democratic movement.
IFE-EFI uses feminist critique and analyses in order to underline the different connections between the structures of subordination in peace and war, between economic systems, war and patriarchy, between the front march of the neo-liberal rhetoric and the reduced status of women’s rights and the role of social movements, as well as the reduced possibilities for egalitarian redistribution of resources and statuses. IFE-EFI stresses the especially vulnerable position of migrant women.