Women’s Political Participation in Syria, Nov 2016, Paris

22 Nov 2016

On November 21st-22nd, the Syrian Feminist Lobby and Euromed Feminist Initiative organized an international conference in Paris entitled “Women’s Political Participation in Syria”. The conference gathered women’s rights defenders, political activists and academics, from Europe and the Middle East.

Women's political participation

During the first session, the Syrian Feminist Lobby presented their research “In the Core in the Margin: Women’s Political Participation in Syria”. The study raised high interest among the audience and spurred a lively debate.

Syrian Women Rights

Lilian halls French and Lama Kannout 

The link between democracy, secularism and equal political participation was highlighted by participants, as many emphasized that during political transition, women’s rights are inseparable from the national project and from democracy-building. 

Women rights in Syria

Maya al rahabi and Ahmed Asrrawi

Throughout the sessions, of women’s political participation in different countries and contexts was explored. The debate underlined the commonality of challenges that hinder women from enjoying fair political representation and participation. 

Women participation

From left to right: Kinda Kanbar and roula al rekbie and Marah Alrukbi