Solidarity with Turkish women! Turkey must come back to Istanbul Convention

Solidarity with Turkish women!

Turkey must come back to Istanbul Convention.

Each year, on November 25, EuroMed Feminist Initiative joins the women of the world in commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Despite the persistent fight of women’s rights activists and organizations, violence against women is still a serious, pervasive, and systematic problem, and women remain subjected to violence everywhere and at all moments of their lives. Therefore, EuroMed Feminist Initiative calls upon all States and relevant stakeholders worldwide to undertake concrete actions to eliminate all forms of VAWG, in line with international instruments and standards and in compliance with CEDAW and the Istanbul Convention, the historical treaty of the Council of Europe which constitutes since 2014 a juridic frame to protect women victims. While Turkey has been the first signatory of this convention in 2011, President Erdogan decided on the 20th of March to withdraw his ratification by decree. This decision is a provocation against all the women in Turkey, a crime against human rights. These last ten years, 3477 women have been killed in the country and the aggressions have increased of 1200% since the Islamo- conservative parti (AKP) is on power. We know that women’s oppression cannot be dissociated from all forms of oppression, then, how to believe that patriarchy in Turkey would be toppled overnight, especially by a president who has a long historic background of denying basic human rights to people in his country? Moreover, a text adopted by the Parliament could not legally be cancelled by the president, but Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems ready to everything to get the support for the 2023 elections, of the religious and conservative groups according to which the Istanbul convention “is favoring homosexuality and divorces.” In spite of the repression, thousands of people demonstrated in the all the big towns in Turkey. EuroMed Feminist Initiative, fully engaged for Zero Tolerance for Violence Against Women and Girls, expresses its full support with the Turkish women and for their fundamental right to a life free of fear, violence, and insecurity.