Focus Areas

Democracy and Power

Real Democracy Means Women Have the Equal Share of Power in the Public/Productive Sphere and Shared Responsibility in the Private/Reproductive Sphere Womanhood is a historic fabrication whose direct consequence leads to the subordination of women in the private sphere and their exclusion from the public sphere. What is male is still universally considered as a norm, and the male, as being taken as a norm, is defined as more important and of higher worth. Patriarchal domination still persists in all societies and the question of gender power is present in all spheres of life...

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Secularism in our Political Answer to Fundamentalisms and Clericalisms is A Precondition for the Grief and Anger Full Implementation of Women's Rights Gender equality is part of universal values that imply the principle of secular culture. In order for women to be able to realize this principle, the principle of women's rights as universal human rights and the principle of full citizenship, secularism is a necessary precondition. Euromed Feminist Initiative believes that the concept of citizenship should reach beyond customs specific to any given culture or religion; family laws must be free from...

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Violence Against Women, Peace and Security

Patriarchal Violence against Women is the Biggest Threat to Women's Peace and Security One of the biggest obstacles to women´s peace and security is violence against women. Security politics is conceptualized on identifying the threats from “outside” national borders while these threats come for women most often “within” the relations of their affiliations. However, the security policy often fails to reach there as the security of women has been moved to the "private" sphere, to be taken care of the nearest: family male members and husbands...

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