Lost Opportunity the Status of Syrian Women Refugees in the Jordanian Labour Market and their Contribution

01 Dec 2020

Launched in September 1st 2018, EuroMed Feminist Initiative has started implementing a multi-country project “Strengthening access to protection, participation and services for women refugees, IDPs and host communities”. This project is funded bythe EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the EU MADAD Fund. The overall objective is to improve the livelihood, agency and legal and social protection for Syrian women refugees, IDPs as well as for women in the host communities in Lebanon, Iraq/Kurdistan Region – Iraq (KR-I) and in Jordan. In Jordan, the project is implemented by a consortium composed of EuroMed Feminist Initiative, Business Development Centre (BDC) and Tamkeen. The objective is to improve the livelihood of women Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan and contribute to eliminating practical, social, cultural and legal barriers to their employment.

Tamkeen contracted Dr. Yusuf Mansur, who is specialized in Economy and Gender, to prepare a study on the status of Syrian women refugees (SWR) in the Jordanian Labour Market, that would highlight their working conditions; sectors where they work; and the contribution of Syrian Refugee workers to the Jordanian economy. The Study, based on desk research, interviews and a sample survey of 1100 SWR (SWR), was conducted to analyse the impact of SWR on the Jordanian economy. The results of the survey were analysed and imputed into the calculations to determine the actual and potential impact of SWR on the Jordanian economy. The study was conducted by Dr Yusuf Mansur, under the guidance of Ms Linda Al-Kalash and the able team at Tamkeen. Dr Mansur benefited from the valuable assistance of Mr. Hadi Abu Odeh and Ms. Hanna Davis.

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