A National Roundtable on Engendering Policies and Strategies in Security Institutions, August 2019, Lebanon

01 Sep 2019
madad, lebanon

On 28 August, the National Gender Observatory, hosted in the Ministry of State for the Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth (EEWAY), in partnership with the Internal Security Forces, General Security, and EuroMed Feminist Initiative held a roundtable on Engendering Policies and Strategies in Security Institutions: The role of the Internal Security Forces and General Security in protecting women on the Lebanese territory.  The roundtable was organised in the frame of the project “Strengthening access to protection, participation and services for women refugees, IDPs and host communities,” funded by the European Union Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, The EU “Madad” Fund. Click here to read the press release and here to view the photo album.