Lobby and Advocacy, Promoting Culture of Dialogue

The fierce competition, profit seeking and increasing militarization nowadays in the global neoliberal system and the current events throughout the world demonstrate the need for the international community to work on the enhancement of the culture of dialogue in order to achieve equal participation of all human beings, women and men. In a context of increasing cultural relativism, especially on the expenses of women’s rights, it is important to resist and lobby, advocate and exercise pressure dialogue, posing our feminist demands, unifying efforts to maintain the achievements and to improve the position and status of women.
Lobbying, advocating, and promoting a culture of dialogue are fundamental and necessary steps for fulfilling a democracy that is all inclusive and based on the full respect and implementation of the rights for both women and men. This means challenging patriarchal attitudes and prejudices that undermine women’s citizenship and rights. Advocacy and lobbying are key strategies for mobilizing for collective action, supporting women’s voices and empowerment.
IFE-EFI aims to build interpersonal, group, issue-oriented, regular and systemic dialogues on women’s rights to advocate for the cause of gender equality, improve the status and role of women, help eliminate the stereotypes and prejudice women face on a daily basis and develop the knowledge and education of communities by enhancing their understanding of the universality of women’s rights. IFE-EFI aims to achieve that by:
  • Organizing, co-organizing and participating in different lobby trips to EU, EP, EC, national State and non-State actors.
  • Organizing delegations and working for the convergence of the struggles of feminist organizations with the other democratic social movements.
  • Interacting and engaging broader local communities and grassroots.
  • Writing position papers, appeals and open letters.