Networking and Building Alliances

Networking and building of partnerships and alliances is a powerful way to strengthen our discourse and voice and create a balance of power in favor of women. Common involvement of networking from different countries provides opportunities to unite for joint action and to raise our voice at an international level. IFE-EFI works for providing linkages with other women’s rights lobby and advocacy NGOs, women’s grassroots NGOs, women activists, community leaders, institutional actors, female politicians.
Through strengthening of networking on issues of common interest, across the differences IFE-EFI seeks to improve and promote women’s rights as universal human rights, the value of gender equality and using non-violence strategies to solve conflicts. Our criterion is using international resolutions and conventions and regional instruments promoting the universality of women’s rights. IFE-EFI networks and builds alliances for the following purposes:
  • Encouraging and supporting feminist organization, alliance building and mobilization of women from different movements, countries and regions.
  • Interacting strengthening networking on issues of common interest while respecting the different organizational forms and struggles against patriarchal discrimination and violence.