Research and Strengthening the Link Between Practice and Theory

Bridging theory and practice, implementing the theoretical principles and concepts and putting them in action is a gigantic step towards the efficiency of activist involvement. Connection and collaboration between activists working on the ground and researchers has an effective impact on the expansion of knowledge and the enhancement of minds, thoughts and concepts. However, theory does not only come from universities. It is always a result of what we do: if we do and experience things differently from what other theories and norms around us teach, then all these theories and norms should change.
IFE-EFI is keen on participating in the research actions as well as putting the theory side by side with the practice to achieve its vision and objectives of a more democratic, less violent and egalitarian community where human rights including those of women are respected and exercised. IFE-EFI accomplishes this as follows:
  • Making and participating in research actions that aim to enlighten common patterns of gender discrimination, gender stereotyping, violence against women in peace and war.
  • Revitalizing discourse and challenging concepts of democracy, peace, security and secularism from the perspective of women’s rights.