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Saudi Arabian women vote for the first time

History was made this year when Saudi women were allowed to both vote and run as candidates for the first time in municipal elections, which took place in December 2015. Even though the scope of authority of municipal councils is limited, this is still a significant breakthrough in Saudi women’s rights as it is the only government body to which citizens of Saudi Arabia can elect representatives. Being the only channel to exercise political agency it is a good sign that women were granted the right to vote and run for office simultaneously.

At the initiative of the French Human Rights League, Common petition of French Human Rights Organizations after the recent measures adopted by the Government, 29th December 2015 in Paris

Petition « For us it’s definitely no ! »
So, the president of the French Republic has decided to change the Constitution in the worse possible  sense. We call all  citizens, women and men,   to show right away their  opposition to these projects by signing the following petition  :
« For us , it’s definitely no !